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Freeman's Journal, March 20 - April 1, 1784

This day was published, price 5s, 5d. in boards,
by John Lord Sheffield
A NEW EDITION, (much enlarged, with an Appendix containing Tables of the Imports and Exports of the Great Britain, to and from all parts, from 1700 to 1782 ; also the Exports of America, &c. with Remarks on those Tables, and on the Proclamation, &c.)
Printed by LUKE WHITE, No. 86, Dame-street, corner of Crampton-street


LONDON, March 25.

On Tuesday evening, the most daring act since the stealing of the crown by Blood, was committed by some hireling desperados. The lord chancellor's house in Great Ormond-street, was broke open and the great seal of England stolen from the room in which it was deposited. The peculiar circumstances of the affair, show clearly that it could not have been perpetrated by any common robber, when we recollect that it happened on the eve of the dissolution, ( the great seal being affixed to the proclamation) it will eventually prove to the world how fardesperation of the most daring faction will lead them even to countenance the violation of all the laws, and encourage theft and plunder. The history of this country cannot produce an instance of such unparalled infamy ; and for the sake of public justice, we hope perpetrators of this act will be discovered, and meet the reward they and their employers certainly deserve. When the report of this transaction was first made public, the generality of the people gave no credit to it ; even the greatest enemies of faction, those who have always dreaded the lengths which desperate men will go, did not think such an attempt would be made, much Less did they believe that such an act had been committed. The fact now being fully confirmed, and all the peculiarities attending it, it behoves the people of Great Britain in general, and the electors in particular, to be careful to whom they trust the leglislative power, at this important crisis ; and likewise to beware of a set of men who do not hesitateto commit the most desperate acts to gratify their ambition, and destroy the rights and liberties of mankind.


Some American agents have been discovered in the clothing countries, endevouring to procure artificiers in the serge and shalloon manufactures, to embark for the western continent, where very large encouragement is given to workmen who are versed in those branches.

Extract of a letter from Paris, March 11.
" Letters from Marseilles confirm the news, that the emperor of Morocco has declared war against France. The ships, which are exposed to the attacks of the corsairs, cannot now depart without convoy."


A letter from Gibralter says, that they have advice that the emperor of Morocco has a very large army well disciplined under foreign officers, ready to take the field, with a considerable train of artillery.


Report on the Opera from last Saturday attended by the Royal Family...

--All the nobility and people of fashion, who could find room, dressed to the best advantage, and in black, which is very becoming to the people of this country, were assembled. Beauty put on its best looks, and sparkling eyes reflected from box to box like diamonds of the first water glittering at each other. Balloon hats were plentifully despersed ; some of them on a new construction resembling the two first steps of a jelly stand, one bow over the other, and though rather outre, yet had no bad effect in attracting notice, and setting off the face.


Dublin, March 31.

We have the pleasure of advising that the Volunteer, capt. Tripe, from Dublin, with passengers and servants, arrived at New York, the 12th January, all well, excepting Mr. Galtrum, who died on the passage.


ROADS to be made in the PARK
Among others, the Road leading by the Liffey on the South, from Dublin Gate to Knockmaroon Gate ; the Road leading from the Phoenix to Knockmaroon ; the Road leading from Lord Leitrim's bridge to the Circular Road Gate, North.
Any person willing to contract for the same, will give their Proposals to Mr. BRISTOW, Deputy Bailiff, at the Bailiff's Lodge in the Phoenix Park.
29th March, 1784.

Freeman's Journal, March 27 - 30, 1784

The Hussar who attends his grace of Rutland in the capacity of groom of the person, is the same gallant German, who saved his grace's father, the marquis of ranby's life at the battle of Hastenbeck, when aFrench trooper, after breaking thro the British line, making a desperate attempt on the marquis's life, was cleft to the saddle by the brave Hussar.

Freeman's Journal, March 25 - 27, 1784

Dublin, March 26

At this period of general calamity and distress, it would become the inhabitantsof this great and rising metropolisto adopt such measures as would releve our famishing manufacturers, and be of public utility. If the heads of families would join in societies of ten, and employ a person to sweep and keep clean the footpaths fronting their doors, it would be a means of preventing many real objects from impending ruin. There are about 20,000 houses in the city and liberties, and if but one half of the housekeepers would undertake so charitable and useful scheme, it would give employment to one thousand persons ; and if each house paid one halfpenny a day, the labourer would earn 5d. daily, which is sufficent to support nature, and is certainly more eligible than giving charities ; for besides the many imposters who infest the streets, it would be more useful to real objects to get 5d. industriously than to obtain a shilling idly ; for inleness begets vice, and vicious habits are seldom abandoned when they have been once adopted. This scheme would keep our streets to perfectly clean and comfortable, and give employment to so many miserable people, that we should be no longer condemned by foreigners who are acquainted with cleanly and well regulated cities.


The Three Sisters, Lewis, from Potomack river, in Virginia, arrived in our harbour yesterday, with a cargo of tobacco, indigo, &c. after a passage of five weeks.

Dublin. March 27.
Several young men, particularly one from the NOrth, are said too have been already ruined by means of the G. R. table, established in Suffolk-street. The sherriffs and city magistrates would do well to notice this table, before numerous other imprudent youths fall victims to the polite sharpers who attend.


The air balloon to be floated at the theatre royal in Smock-alley on Monday next, will furnish a most convincing proof of the astonishing properties so often mentioined of that new discovery in natural philosophy. The very great strength of the fixed air will be proved, by charging the balloon so strongly, that it will bear up Harlequin on the stage, and take him out of the view of the audience. And previous to this, to obviate all suspicion of the reality of this great natural phenomenon, the balloon will be floated over the pit, boxes, and galleries. It is to be remarked, that this balloon will give a clear and distinct idea of the great aerial chariot which is now preparing toi take up two gentlemen in the course of next month, to the upper regions of the air, and towards the accomplishment of which 300l has been already subscribed. This is the only oppertunity which has hiterto been brought forward of giving a manifest proof this extraordinary natural discovery ; prepared under that remarkable pupil of Dinwiddie, the ingenious Mr. Ruddick, who lately launched the balloon at the Rotunda.

Freeman's Journal, March 23-25, 1784

Foreign Intelligence

Copenhagen, Feb. 14
The Sound is entirely covered with ice, and people daily go over it into Sweden.

Cologne, March 1.
We are at last delivered from the most dreadful scourge this city was ever threatened with-- large pieces of ice heaped upon ice to an enormous height : our walls and houses, which should have served us as ramparts, tumbling one after another; our two market places, with all the streets around, laid under water : every thing announced a general destruction : when the day before yesterday new pieces of ice coming floating down, broke the dyke formed by those before our port, and thus opening a passage, the waters retired thro' it with so much precipitation, that in less than two hours we were able to get again into the house, that had been overflowedf even to the second story. This sudden retreat of the waters, however, had not prevented the ravage occasioned by them from being immense.

Dublin, March 24.

We hear that the Swallow, capt. Jackson, is arrived in the river Forth, from Barbados, with sugars, after a passage of 28 days, the shortest ever known, from that island, which is generally from five to six weeks.

Freeman's Journal, March 20-23, 1784

House of Commons
Saturday, March 20.

You cannot but rememnber the wretched situation of Great Britain, in 1757, when she has Francve alone to contend with, so sunk were the power, the resources, and even the spirit of the nation, that instead of making any vigorous effortagainst this single enemy, she thought it necessary to bring over twelve thousand German troops to save her from invasion. Such was the situation of Great Britain when lord Chatham took the helm ; and such was the effect of the abilities and spirit of this one man, that in three years time the French were driven from thecontinent of America, and deprived of the finest of their West Indian islands :

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Freeman's Journal, March 18-20, 1784

From letter on front page..

In the name of God, why should we not open the BAR and the ARMY to our catholic brethern?


Notice is hereby given, that two Passage Boats will regularly on and after the 25th day of March instant, ply upon the Canal on every day in the week, Sundays not excepted ; the one to leave Dublin on every week day from the 25th instant to the 29th day of September next, at 7 o'oclock PRECISELY,and on Sunday at 8 o'clock PRECISELY ; and the other to leave Sallins on every day in the week at 8 o'clock precisely. The boatsetting off from Dublin to reach Sallins at half after 12 o'clock on every week day, and at half after one on every Sunday precisely ; and the boat setting off from Sallins to reach Dublin at half after one o'clock precisely on every day of the week. The middle stage for each boat will be Stroumney, where Passengers will be taken in, and accommodated either to Dublin or Sallins--the rates as usual.
Dublin, 19th March,
Signed by order
Richard Baggs, Sec


Dublin, March 19.

A new sect has arisen in London, or rather an additional place of worship is opened on the principles of the celebrated Mr. Lindley. Their form of player is very similar to that of the established church, and agreeable to the tenents of the late Dr. Samuel Clark, whole beliefwas grounded on the doctrine ofthe famous Arminus.

Wednesday, being the anniversaryof St. Patrick the volunteers ofthe city and county of Dublin, assembled at the Royal Exchange, agreeable to the plan formerly settled for celebrating the nativity of particular saint, and to perpetuate the memory of the volunteer cause. The morning was remarkably fine ; heaven seemed to smile with complacence on the virtuous assesors of their country's just rights and constitutional liberties. At 9' clock they marched to the Phoewnix Park, where they went through their several evolutions, &c. with a degree of regularity, good order,and discipline, that afforded the most perfect satisfaction to a very numerous concoursew of spectators, and manifested that the old glorious spirit of the volunteers was not in the least abated ; the country and city of Dublin corps mustered as strong as ever ; the earl of Charlewmont being under an absolute necessity of attending the great cause now depending in the house oflords, sir Edward Newenhan reviewed them. His grace the duke of Rutland was present, attended bu his aids-du-camp, and seemed highly pleased with their good discipline. The manner of his grace's appearence, and the affability of his conduct was noticed with the greatest pleasure.




A celebrated DWARF from Polish Russia.

RECOMMENDED by the most distinguished people of RANK ABROAD, to theFIRST CHARACTERS IN THIS COUNTRY.

The above Personage is the most extraordinary Being of his Kind, not less remarkable for the Justness of bodily Proportions than admired for his mental Accomplishments ; though in the 45th year of his age, he does not exceed in size a child of three years old. He has a very agreeable and pleasant countenance, plays upon various musical instruments, especially the English Guitar. The very distinguished education he has received, such as his birth entitled him to, sets him far above other men of that kind, who in general are little susceptable ofinstruction.
His features are not only regular and well formed, but withal extremely engaging; his Shape exquisitely proportioned, so that he may be justly stiled a GREAT MAN in miniture : Butwhat will appear no less reparkable is that SIEUR BOROWLASKI is married, and his wife recently delivered of her second child : but we shall say no more of this Wonder of Nature ; let those who will honour him with their visits judge for themselves. ----He may be seen every day from ten to four, and from six to ten at night, at his appartments, No. 18 Mr. Hewitt's, Collge-green __Admittance HALF A CROWN each person.
N.B. Any person of rank and fashion, desirous of seeing him at their own homes, are requested to favour him with an hour'snotice, and send him a carriage. His price abroad is double.
* Sieur Borowlaski's stayin this city will be but very short.

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Freeman's Journal March 16 -18, 1784

Yesterday arrived One English MAIL

London, March 11.

All the private letters from India represent that country to be in so distracted a state, that the probabilityis, there will in a very short time be a total end to the British government in the east. Rapacity, corruption, and cruelty, seem to have run their career there ;and whilewe are vainly wrangling there about the best mode of governing those posessions in future,the posessions themselves are escaping from our grasp. It is reported as certain, that Mr. Hastings is appointed nabob of Bengal by the Mogul, and is supported by the French interest, while it is known that all parts of the Madras settlement are torn to pieces by irreconcileable dissentions.

An eligant House ready furnished.
A New House, in the fashionable end of the town, completely furnished, with every article to accommodate a single Gentleman or a small Family,with Coaca house and Stable for 4 Horses, to be disposed of as it stands, on pleasing terms. Enquire of the Printer.

Freeman's Journal March 13 to 16, 1784

Mr. Cardot's Ball
By partiular desire (which was to be the 18th inst.) is postponed to the 3d of May next. Tickets delivered for the 18th March will be admitted.
Mecklinburgh-street, March 14, 1784

London, March 8, 9

Extraordinary as it may seem, it was confidently reported yesterday, that gen. Washington, and several of the leading men of America, are coming over to negociate a dependent league with Great Britain.
The Portugese have taken posession of all the posts on the coast of Guinea.

Dublin, March 15.

There is now in the loom a piece of fine silk for a gown, the entire produce of worms reared by lady Arabella Denny at the Black Rock : how happy would it be for this kingdom: if our ladies of fashion, after lady Arabella's bright example, devoted a part of that time which their situation gives them a command of, to such laudable pursuits as hers, which tends so eminently to advantage of her country.

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Freeman's Journal March 11th - 13th, 1784

London, March 6

There is a report in circulation, that advisees have been received at Madrid of an entire revolt of the Mexicans, who had proceeded to such an extremity as to decollate one of the Spanish govenorss. Such is the rumor, nor is it unlikelyt to be a fact ; but, as the probability doth not substantiatethe truthof a relation, we vouch not for the authenticity of this article of news.
The emperor of Morocco declared war against France on the 24th of Januarylast, and his vessels have taken several French ships from Marseille and other parts of theLevant.

Wednesday morning one of his majesty's messengers was sent to the country-house of colonel Wall, late governor of Goree, to put him under arrest for misdemeanors during his government.
The trial of governor Wall, late of the island of Goree, is to commence in the course of a few days at the horse guards.

Freeman's Journal March 9th- 11th, 1784

To be sold atNo. 90, Bride-street,
At ONE GUINEA per barrell,
Three hundred barrels of Brown Rennet Apples, each containing from 8 to 900.

Dipping's Court, Golden-Lane
The Rev. William Dwyer, resolved to have no aversion whatever to detach his attention from his Day-Scholars, has determined to receive no Borders in future. He instructs young Gentlemen in the Greek and Latin languages,and prepares them for the University, in such a manner, as to unite the strictest grammatical accuracy, with an elegance and graceful manner of construction. Approved Matters, in every other department ; regularly and constantly attend.
March 8, 1784

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FMJ 10-13 January, 1784

The price of wheat during the last four months of the year 1782, in the following countries, the measure reduced to the English quarter:
l. s. d.
England ---- 2 16 6
France ----- 2 0 0
Germany ---- 2 2 0
Lombardy --- 1 17 0
Tuscany ---- 1 15 0
Sicily ----- 1 6 6
Algiers ---- 1 10 0
Syria ------ 1 4
Morea ------ 1 6 0
Danszick --- 1 12 0
The Ukraine- 0 10 6


The advocates of the slave trade argue that the natives of Africa are at perpetual war with each other ; and that if they had no method of selling their captives, they would fall upon the more inhuman practice of murdering those unhappy creatures, whom chance of war flung into their hands. This however, is far from being the truth ; for it is notorious that petty princes on the sea coasts of Guniea ared tempted to make war their neighbours only for the sake of making prisoners to sell to Europeans. Was this practice done away, the source of their contention would be immediately done away.

Freeman's Journal 6th-9th 1784

English Opera-House

Tomorrow evening, March 10th, by particular desire of several Persons of Distinction,
The Sacred Oratorio of the
Composed by George Frederick Handel, Esq.

FANCY DRESSES for the approaching Ball, made up with the greatest eligance, taste and expedition, by Elizabeth Clare of Bolton-street, milliner, who has just imported a second assortmentof full han half dress capes, with every other article of millinaries ; which the humbly presumes, will be allowed an inspection to be of the best fashion.--- E Clare begs leave to observe, that she has engaged a person, (who served her apprenticeship to Mrs. Callage) from where knowledge of fancy dresses, she will be enabled to execute any orders the nobility and gentry may favour her with in that line, with the greatest precision.

Freeman's Journal March 4th-6th 1784

Theatre-Royal, Smock Alley.

For the Benefit of the Charitable Hospital.
On Tuesday next, March 9th, will be presented a Comedy called


Domestic Intelligence

Dublin, March 5.
We are informed that the Dublin and Independent Dublin Volunteers, with the Irish Brigade, are resolved to attend the chapel in Mary's-lane next Sunday, where a charity sermon is to be preached fot the benedfit of a vaste number ofchildren of both sexes, who are there educated in all the principles of religion and morality, and rendered useful membrers of society.

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FMJ Jan. 1-3 1784

London, Dec. 27.

By letters from Canada we find, that all the German troops had left that province, and everything remained in perfect security. No inconveniencies have yet resulted to the fur trade, which was much appreciated, by the settlement of the boundaries ; for the protection of which trade the old French works, called Fort Frontenac, are ordered to be repaired, and an engineer, with troops and artificers, is gone up the St. Lawerence for the purpose. General Haldimand has also given directions for the finishing of the works at Quebec, St. John's, the Isle au Noix, &c. The troops now in Canada amount to between 3000 and 4000 men, consisting of the 8th, 29th, 31st, 34th, 44th, 53d, and 84th regiments of foot, with two companies of artillery. These corps are in a very delicate situation, about two-thirds of their non-commissioned officers and private men being entitled to their discharge, which nevertheless cannot be granted them without immediate danger of the province (the Canadians being exceedingly disaffected) until they are reinforced from this country, or from New York.


The very unusual number of vessels that now crowd the river, from Marine-school to the Custom-house, plainly show that the trade of this country is much increased. many of these ships are from 4 to 7 hundred tonsburthen, and begin to give our harbour an air of true commercial consequence.

Freeman's Journal March 2-4 1784

London. Feb. 27.

The Willington, a large transport ship, just arrived at Portsmouth, after two months tempestuous passage, from the coast of Guinea, having on board the remainder of the garrison of Goree and its dependencies.
We are assured , that Mons. Vergennes has claimed nineteen French deserters, who murdered their captain some time since at Senegal, and are said to have been enlisted in our regiments on the Guinea coast.