Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday, April the 22d, to Saturday, April the 25th, 1784

London, April 17.

Extract of a letter from Milan, March 23
" An aerostatic balloon has been launched in this city, 66 feet broad, and 72 feet high, prepared by M. Paul Andreani, a young gentleman of twenty years of age, who, with two of his friends, was elevated in this globe. It is computed that they mounted to the height of 4000 feet. Having traversed the air for half an hour, they descended on the same spot from where they floated. This is the first experiment of the kind made in Italy."


Dublin, April 23.

Extract of a letter from Navan, April 18.
"Last Thursday the long expected air balloon was liberated in this town, in the presence of the greatest concourse of people ever assembled here, among whom were many of the first fashion. At half aftertwo Mr. Rousseau and a drummer, a boy about ten year old, placed themselves in the gallery, which was composed of ozier , and fixed toa net which covered the balloon, and on cutting the cortd it rose perpendicular, amidst a profound silence, occasioned by the surprize and astonishment at son uncomman a phenomen. After thirty-nine minutes progress it became totally invisible, but wecould destinctly hear the drum beat the grenadier's march for fifteen minutes after. At four o'clock it grounded in a field near the town of Ratoath. Mr. Rosseau and the drummer arrived here at six o'clock that evening perfectly well, except for the drummer, who received a small contusion on his head, through his eagerness in leaping from the gallery. At night a splendid ball was given by the burgesses and freemen of the town, where Mr. Rosseau received the congratulations and compliments of numerous and brilliant company."


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