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Freeman's Journal, March 18-20, 1784

From letter on front page..

In the name of God, why should we not open the BAR and the ARMY to our catholic brethern?


Notice is hereby given, that two Passage Boats will regularly on and after the 25th day of March instant, ply upon the Canal on every day in the week, Sundays not excepted ; the one to leave Dublin on every week day from the 25th instant to the 29th day of September next, at 7 o'oclock PRECISELY,and on Sunday at 8 o'clock PRECISELY ; and the other to leave Sallins on every day in the week at 8 o'clock precisely. The boatsetting off from Dublin to reach Sallins at half after 12 o'clock on every week day, and at half after one on every Sunday precisely ; and the boat setting off from Sallins to reach Dublin at half after one o'clock precisely on every day of the week. The middle stage for each boat will be Stroumney, where Passengers will be taken in, and accommodated either to Dublin or Sallins--the rates as usual.
Dublin, 19th March,
Signed by order
Richard Baggs, Sec


Dublin, March 19.

A new sect has arisen in London, or rather an additional place of worship is opened on the principles of the celebrated Mr. Lindley. Their form of player is very similar to that of the established church, and agreeable to the tenents of the late Dr. Samuel Clark, whole beliefwas grounded on the doctrine ofthe famous Arminus.

Wednesday, being the anniversaryof St. Patrick the volunteers ofthe city and county of Dublin, assembled at the Royal Exchange, agreeable to the plan formerly settled for celebrating the nativity of particular saint, and to perpetuate the memory of the volunteer cause. The morning was remarkably fine ; heaven seemed to smile with complacence on the virtuous assesors of their country's just rights and constitutional liberties. At 9' clock they marched to the Phoewnix Park, where they went through their several evolutions, &c. with a degree of regularity, good order,and discipline, that afforded the most perfect satisfaction to a very numerous concoursew of spectators, and manifested that the old glorious spirit of the volunteers was not in the least abated ; the country and city of Dublin corps mustered as strong as ever ; the earl of Charlewmont being under an absolute necessity of attending the great cause now depending in the house oflords, sir Edward Newenhan reviewed them. His grace the duke of Rutland was present, attended bu his aids-du-camp, and seemed highly pleased with their good discipline. The manner of his grace's appearence, and the affability of his conduct was noticed with the greatest pleasure.




A celebrated DWARF from Polish Russia.

RECOMMENDED by the most distinguished people of RANK ABROAD, to theFIRST CHARACTERS IN THIS COUNTRY.

The above Personage is the most extraordinary Being of his Kind, not less remarkable for the Justness of bodily Proportions than admired for his mental Accomplishments ; though in the 45th year of his age, he does not exceed in size a child of three years old. He has a very agreeable and pleasant countenance, plays upon various musical instruments, especially the English Guitar. The very distinguished education he has received, such as his birth entitled him to, sets him far above other men of that kind, who in general are little susceptable ofinstruction.
His features are not only regular and well formed, but withal extremely engaging; his Shape exquisitely proportioned, so that he may be justly stiled a GREAT MAN in miniture : Butwhat will appear no less reparkable is that SIEUR BOROWLASKI is married, and his wife recently delivered of her second child : but we shall say no more of this Wonder of Nature ; let those who will honour him with their visits judge for themselves. ----He may be seen every day from ten to four, and from six to ten at night, at his appartments, No. 18 Mr. Hewitt's, Collge-green __Admittance HALF A CROWN each person.
N.B. Any person of rank and fashion, desirous of seeing him at their own homes, are requested to favour him with an hour'snotice, and send him a carriage. His price abroad is double.
* Sieur Borowlaski's stayin this city will be but very short.


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