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24-26 April 1784

FMJ 24 April, 1784

London, April 19, 20

Gen. Fullarton was on the borders of Tippoo's country at the head of an army of 1700 Europeans, seventeen battalions of sepoys and sixty pieces of artillery readyto act, if Tippoo should not consent to peace upon equitable terms.


Extract of a letter from New York, Feb. 6.
"Our legislature is now sitting : there is not a doubt of an impost of five per cent. being immediately laid on all goods imported into this state, that are not of the manufactureries of the United States, and on innumerable articles a much greater sum, to an almost entire prohibition."

Dublin, April 26.
Saturday morning the Hall, a gauger at Kinnegad, county Westmeath, having some words with his wife, he desired her not to come into the room where he was, at the same time swearing if she did he would shoot her ; the unhappy woman, with a fatal obstinacy, took a fine child of seven years old in her arms, and unfortunately forced in, when he discharged a brace of pistols at her, and wounded her and the child so shockingly, that the child died on Sunday morning, and there are no hopes of the mother's recovery. He has fled from justice.



William Vandepot was yesterday committed to the New Gaol, Southwark, where he is now double ironed, on a charge of a burglary in the house of the lord chancellor, and stealing thereout the great seal. A Jew in Petticoat-lane was yesterday afternoon apprehended, on an information against him, for having purchased and melted the great seal into an ingot ; but while he was conducting to the Rotation-office in Southwark, for examination, he was rescued from the peace officers by eight ruffiand --The Jew melted the seal, while the robbers remained in his house.


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