Thursday, March 09, 2006

Freeman's Journal March 11th - 13th, 1784

London, March 6

There is a report in circulation, that advisees have been received at Madrid of an entire revolt of the Mexicans, who had proceeded to such an extremity as to decollate one of the Spanish govenorss. Such is the rumor, nor is it unlikelyt to be a fact ; but, as the probability doth not substantiatethe truthof a relation, we vouch not for the authenticity of this article of news.
The emperor of Morocco declared war against France on the 24th of Januarylast, and his vessels have taken several French ships from Marseille and other parts of theLevant.

Wednesday morning one of his majesty's messengers was sent to the country-house of colonel Wall, late governor of Goree, to put him under arrest for misdemeanors during his government.
The trial of governor Wall, late of the island of Goree, is to commence in the course of a few days at the horse guards.


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