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Freeman's Journal, March 20 - April 1, 1784

This day was published, price 5s, 5d. in boards,
by John Lord Sheffield
A NEW EDITION, (much enlarged, with an Appendix containing Tables of the Imports and Exports of the Great Britain, to and from all parts, from 1700 to 1782 ; also the Exports of America, &c. with Remarks on those Tables, and on the Proclamation, &c.)
Printed by LUKE WHITE, No. 86, Dame-street, corner of Crampton-street


LONDON, March 25.

On Tuesday evening, the most daring act since the stealing of the crown by Blood, was committed by some hireling desperados. The lord chancellor's house in Great Ormond-street, was broke open and the great seal of England stolen from the room in which it was deposited. The peculiar circumstances of the affair, show clearly that it could not have been perpetrated by any common robber, when we recollect that it happened on the eve of the dissolution, ( the great seal being affixed to the proclamation) it will eventually prove to the world how fardesperation of the most daring faction will lead them even to countenance the violation of all the laws, and encourage theft and plunder. The history of this country cannot produce an instance of such unparalled infamy ; and for the sake of public justice, we hope perpetrators of this act will be discovered, and meet the reward they and their employers certainly deserve. When the report of this transaction was first made public, the generality of the people gave no credit to it ; even the greatest enemies of faction, those who have always dreaded the lengths which desperate men will go, did not think such an attempt would be made, much Less did they believe that such an act had been committed. The fact now being fully confirmed, and all the peculiarities attending it, it behoves the people of Great Britain in general, and the electors in particular, to be careful to whom they trust the leglislative power, at this important crisis ; and likewise to beware of a set of men who do not hesitateto commit the most desperate acts to gratify their ambition, and destroy the rights and liberties of mankind.


Some American agents have been discovered in the clothing countries, endevouring to procure artificiers in the serge and shalloon manufactures, to embark for the western continent, where very large encouragement is given to workmen who are versed in those branches.

Extract of a letter from Paris, March 11.
" Letters from Marseilles confirm the news, that the emperor of Morocco has declared war against France. The ships, which are exposed to the attacks of the corsairs, cannot now depart without convoy."


A letter from Gibralter says, that they have advice that the emperor of Morocco has a very large army well disciplined under foreign officers, ready to take the field, with a considerable train of artillery.


Report on the Opera from last Saturday attended by the Royal Family...

--All the nobility and people of fashion, who could find room, dressed to the best advantage, and in black, which is very becoming to the people of this country, were assembled. Beauty put on its best looks, and sparkling eyes reflected from box to box like diamonds of the first water glittering at each other. Balloon hats were plentifully despersed ; some of them on a new construction resembling the two first steps of a jelly stand, one bow over the other, and though rather outre, yet had no bad effect in attracting notice, and setting off the face.


Dublin, March 31.

We have the pleasure of advising that the Volunteer, capt. Tripe, from Dublin, with passengers and servants, arrived at New York, the 12th January, all well, excepting Mr. Galtrum, who died on the passage.


ROADS to be made in the PARK
Among others, the Road leading by the Liffey on the South, from Dublin Gate to Knockmaroon Gate ; the Road leading from the Phoenix to Knockmaroon ; the Road leading from Lord Leitrim's bridge to the Circular Road Gate, North.
Any person willing to contract for the same, will give their Proposals to Mr. BRISTOW, Deputy Bailiff, at the Bailiff's Lodge in the Phoenix Park.
29th March, 1784.


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