Monday, March 13, 2006

Freeman's Journal March 16 -18, 1784

Yesterday arrived One English MAIL

London, March 11.

All the private letters from India represent that country to be in so distracted a state, that the probabilityis, there will in a very short time be a total end to the British government in the east. Rapacity, corruption, and cruelty, seem to have run their career there ;and whilewe are vainly wrangling there about the best mode of governing those posessions in future,the posessions themselves are escaping from our grasp. It is reported as certain, that Mr. Hastings is appointed nabob of Bengal by the Mogul, and is supported by the French interest, while it is known that all parts of the Madras settlement are torn to pieces by irreconcileable dissentions.

An eligant House ready furnished.
A New House, in the fashionable end of the town, completely furnished, with every article to accommodate a single Gentleman or a small Family,with Coaca house and Stable for 4 Horses, to be disposed of as it stands, on pleasing terms. Enquire of the Printer.


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