Monday, March 13, 2006

Freeman's Journal March 13 to 16, 1784

Mr. Cardot's Ball
By partiular desire (which was to be the 18th inst.) is postponed to the 3d of May next. Tickets delivered for the 18th March will be admitted.
Mecklinburgh-street, March 14, 1784

London, March 8, 9

Extraordinary as it may seem, it was confidently reported yesterday, that gen. Washington, and several of the leading men of America, are coming over to negociate a dependent league with Great Britain.
The Portugese have taken posession of all the posts on the coast of Guinea.

Dublin, March 15.

There is now in the loom a piece of fine silk for a gown, the entire produce of worms reared by lady Arabella Denny at the Black Rock : how happy would it be for this kingdom: if our ladies of fashion, after lady Arabella's bright example, devoted a part of that time which their situation gives them a command of, to such laudable pursuits as hers, which tends so eminently to advantage of her country.


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