Thursday, March 30, 2006

Freeman's Journal, March 23-25, 1784

Foreign Intelligence

Copenhagen, Feb. 14
The Sound is entirely covered with ice, and people daily go over it into Sweden.

Cologne, March 1.
We are at last delivered from the most dreadful scourge this city was ever threatened with-- large pieces of ice heaped upon ice to an enormous height : our walls and houses, which should have served us as ramparts, tumbling one after another; our two market places, with all the streets around, laid under water : every thing announced a general destruction : when the day before yesterday new pieces of ice coming floating down, broke the dyke formed by those before our port, and thus opening a passage, the waters retired thro' it with so much precipitation, that in less than two hours we were able to get again into the house, that had been overflowedf even to the second story. This sudden retreat of the waters, however, had not prevented the ravage occasioned by them from being immense.

Dublin, March 24.

We hear that the Swallow, capt. Jackson, is arrived in the river Forth, from Barbados, with sugars, after a passage of 28 days, the shortest ever known, from that island, which is generally from five to six weeks.


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