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Freeman's Journal, April 8th - 10th, 1784

Theatre -Royal, Smock alley, April 10th. 1784.
Mr. Daly, with the utmost respect, begs leave to inform the Public, thathe has articled Mrs. SIDDONS to perform twenty-two Nights the ensuing afte-season, for which he is to pay her the sum of ONE THOUSAND GUINEAS ; a sum infinitely superior to any ever given by a Manager to a Performer on this or any other Stage, for the same number of Nights.
To prevent the many Disappointments the Public have received, and the heavy Losses he has hitherto sustained, by Boxes and Places being given up on the very Day of Performance, he is oblioged to adopt the mode now practiced at London Theatres, and universally approved of -- that of Tickets being delivbered to those who wish to secure Places for each night's performance, on paying half the Price at the time of taking the, remainder on the night of admission ; the half so deposited to be forfeited in case of disappointemnt. Those Ladies and Gentlemen, thertefore, who intend honouring the Theatre with their Commands on the above occasion, are requested to observe, that Tickets are prepared for the purpose, and will be issued by Mr. Kennedy Treasurer to the Theatre at the Box Room, from the hours of twelve to three each day, from Monday the 12st instant until further notice. The said Tickets are printed with the name of the particular Nights they are designed for, and will not be admitted on any other. Those Ladies and Gentlemen who have already applied for Boxes, are requested to renew their Commands immediately, agreeable to the above Advertisement, otherwise such Boxes will be disposed of.


Dublin, April 9.

A letter from Banagher, dated April 3, says, "On Friday the 2nd of April inst. arrived here two boats laden with coal, about fourty tons each, from the colliery of Thomas McDetmott Roe, esq; in the county of Leitrim ; they seem to be of an excellent quality, and stand us in about 14s per ton. If the canal from Killaloe to Limerick were finished, that city could be supplied at 16s per ton, which must be of vast utility to that city and the country adjacent.


Three hundred emigrants, of various descriptions, sailing from this city in the Neptune for America, the Hankey is expected to sail every tide, and the Favourite John the beginning of next month, both with some valuable freight, and for the same destination.


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