Monday, April 10, 2006

Freeman's Journal, April 6th-8th, 1784

London. April 1.

Extract of a letter from Lisle, March 25
"Nothing is more certain than the discovery of a balloon from England. It was found the 28th of February, at Warneton on the Lys, three leagues from this city. There was a billet affixed to it, on which was written, "This balloon was let off from Sandwick, in England, the 27th of February. Those who find it, are desired to give notice of it to Mr. Boys, at Sandwick." It seems that this balloon left Sandwich at half past twelve on the 27th of February,with a very high wind ; and, as it was seen in the air at half past two of the same day by an inhabitand of Warneron, it follows, that it went 24 leagues in two hours. This balloon was of straw-coloured taffety, and was three ells in circumference."

Whereas on Sunday the 4th inst. between the hours of twelve and one'clock in the forenoon , the house and desk of Mr. John Russell, of Essex-street , was broken open, and the fgollowing aticles stolen, viz.
Nine Guineas in Gold, one large plain Gold Ring, marked M. D. I, two silver cased Watches, one markrd R. N. London, one pair of silver Kuee buckles, one silverPunch ladel, and the leaves of two houses in Essex-street, made by the Hon. John Butler to the late elizabeth Russell od said street : whoever apprehends the person or oersons c0oncerned in tyhe above robbery, shall be paid 5 guineas reward as their prosecuted to convicti0n,.


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