Monday, April 03, 2006

Freeman's Journal, April 1st - 3rd, 1784

Foreign Intelligence

Heidelberg. Feb. 7.
This morning, about five o'clock, the superb bridge of this city was broke down and carried away by the ice. Part of the city is under water. The appearence of the walls and low bare grounds promises destruction and desolation. The inhabitants of Newonhein have been obliged to fly. The ice on the Necker, just opposite tofly. The ice on the Necker, just opposite to that village, is as thick as the height of a house.

London, March 27.

A subscription is proposed at Paris, for the construction of a balloon capable of carrying ten or twelve persons. It is to be so contrived, that they may mount or descend at pleasure, and conduct themselves in what direction they think proper, unless it be exactly against the wind.

Dublin, April 2.

The bill for regulating the assay of gold, now in its progress through the house of commons; has altered the standard of fineness required in some works one-twelfth less than the sterling standard, in order to facilitate an exportation of wrought gold, which is expected to take place when the Genevese shall be settled in this kingdom at their intended city of New Geneva, near Waterford, where, for the accommodation of these ingenious mechanics, an assay is to be established, and all silver and gold plate wrought there is to have a unicorn's head stamped thereon at a distinction : the plate of less fineness is also to be distinguished by a characteristic mark


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