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Freeman's Journal 19th - 21st February 1784

In the Press, and in a few days will be published, by Luke White, No. 86,
Dame Street, Corner of Crampton-court.
Mr. BURKE's SPEECH on Mr. Fox's East India Bill


The new invented


The most fashionable are now at ENGLISH's Patent Wig warehouse, the only one in the kingdom, No. 28 Nassau street, made under his own inspection, and of he very vest materials and colours to suit all complexions. By his Elastic and other Springs, as made by the Patentee in London, he is enabled to fit the most difficult Head or Temples : His Grey and Bag Wigs , &c. are superior to any in this kingdom for colour and manufacture. -- As said ENGLISH spares neither time, labour or expence to have his work finished in the most superb and best manner, and so give every satisfaction to his Customers, and such Noblemen and Gentlemen as please to honour him with their commands, has brought from London a considerable quantity of the best Hairs and other materials, and of the most beautiful colours that could be got in the city ; and he always made a point of employing none but the best work men. His Natural Wigs, Curls and Descriptions are of such excellence as not to be distinguished from the real beauties of the natural Growth ; and as he lays in all his materials at first cost, he means to sell thirty per cent. cheaper than any shop in Dublin.

N.B. Chambers continued, as usual, at the rere of the Four-Courts, for
Gentlemen of Law to dress in.


Dublin, February 20
About seven o'clock on Monday night, a number of villains armed with knives, stopped a poor countryman at the Green-hills, near Tallagh, and after robbing him of what cash he had, beat and abused him in a cruel manner.
Thursday a great number of people, with cars, buckets, &c. were employed at low water, in gathering tobacco on the south strand, said to be part of the cargo of the vessel from America lately wrecked there.
A granary, a custom house, and a prison, are shortly to be erected at Naas, in the county of Kildare, in consequence of the communication now making between that town and the grand canal.
A humourous correspondent compares, in one or two instances, the now almost exploded measure of a parliamentary reform, to an ill-charged airballoon. Without doubt the national convention prepared a large quantity of inflammable gas, and which, it must be confessed, was rather added to rather than diminished by several garreleer scriblers, employed to keep the subject from a premature dissolution ; but alas / the parliamentary machine, plan scheme or system, call it what you will, not being rightly compacted, or in other words, not constitutionally constructed, this castle in the air, this abortion of rashness, idelness and discontent, rose only sufficiently high to be gazed at by fools and madmen for a shoty time, and then fell to the ground, from an evaporation of its inflammatory contents.


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