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Freeman's Journal February 14th - 17th 1784

Theatre-Royal, Smock-Alley

Feb. 17th Comedy - Love for Love with farce The Divorce
Feb. 19th Comedy - The Gamesters and a The Giants Causeway

English Opera-House, Capel Street
Feb. 18th comic Opera Love in a village and a farce called The Musical Lady
London. Feb 9, 10
Wednesday a machine, nearly upon the plan of that constructed by Mr. Moore a few days since, was exhibited upon the serpentine river. The inventor called it an ice balloon, and it travelled with amazing celerity , having a sort of keel made of iron, and being impelled forward by a spring, giving motion to a wheel at the front of the carriage. The novelty of invention induced several people of fashion to ride in the above machine, and several of them handsomely complimented the proprietor for his ingenuity ; but the price demanded was but the moderate sum of one penny from each passenger. A hog was roasted whole upon the ice the same day, and afforded an exempore to a great number of people

The last Amsterdam gazette gives an account of some experiments recently made at Lyons, with the large aerostatic machine, constructed there by Montgolfier and Pilatre.It had twice ascended to the height of 500 toises ; in the first ascent an accidental fire broke out, or rather the enclosed gaz took fire, and burst the balloon on the top, notwithstanding which the aerial travellers in the chariot came gradually to the ground, without receiving and injury. A handsome compliment on the occasion was paid them the same evening in the theatre.


Where are only to be had genuine, the following
Genuine Peruvian Bark

This medicine, so universally celebratred for the cure of agues, intermittent and putrid fevers, nervous headaches, &c. &c may be had in the highest perfection, either in tincture or in powder, as faithfully prepared by Mess. Freake and Newbery, of London, and allowed to be of infinite service after the use of Dr. Jame's powder.


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