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Freeman's Journal 17th - 19th February 1784

Theatre-Royal, Smock Alley
For the benefit of Mrs. Hitchcock,
On Wednesday the 3d of March, 1784 will be performed a new Comedy, called
The Quaker Girl.
Written by John O' Keeffe, Esq.
After which will be performed a Pantomime Interlude, called
The Fairy Revels or
Harlequin Triumphant


Milan Jan 6

M. Venetiani, canonand professor of physic, is now employed in constructing an aerostatic globe, with the following properties: 1. It will glide with more or less velocity at the pleasure of the conductor, who is to guide it to the utmost possible height, without employing fire therein. 2. It will descend at pleasure, sustain itself in the air, or remount, without making any addition to the machine. Three persons may travel with the machine two or three days, and even whole weeks, without occasion to descend for provisions. If this experiment should be accomplished, it must be allowed that this discovery is arrived to a great degree of perfection in a short time.


Dublin, February 18.
By letters from Connaught and many other parts of the kingdom, we learn that the late frost has damaged all the potatoes, that great article of subsistence among the poor, and that the people look forward with regret to the wretched prospect of a threatening scarcity, such misery has the severity of the season entailed on them : and yet so great is their apprehension from the from the dissolving of the congealed snows, that they wish a continuance of frost, rather than experience the fury of mountain torrents, with which they will be afflicted by the thaws.

Three students were on Monday expelled from the College : one for taking books out of the library ; another for introducing bad women into the college ; and a third, for bringing in a constable, and arresting a contemporary for ten pounds.


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