Thursday, February 23, 2006

Freeman's Journal 10 - 12 February 1784

Paris Jan. 8.
We learn that the ascension of the M de Montgolfier's globe, at Lyons, will not take place till the 20th of February. This aerostatic sphere is of an enormous magnitude, and capable, it is said, of carrying up ten persons, with provisions and baggage.

Mullingar, Feb. 7
On Tuesday the 3d inst. the frost was so intense, and ice so firm on Lough Owell, that Sir Richard Levinge ventured to drive a four-wheel chair and four ponies almost round the lake, and returned home through the middle of the lake, by the large island, with great safety.

Dublin, February 11.

Letters, it is said, are received in town, advising that Mr. Riddock's air balloon, launched on Wednesday last from the lying in hospital, fell to the ground in the earl of Clanbrassil's demesne in the county of Louth.

Drink and prostitutes create many robbers, is an observation as old as just. It would, therefore conduce much, not only to the security, but also to the quiet of the parish of St. Andrew, if the inhabitants could devise some mode of banishing the swarms of prostitutes that infest that parish, particularly Essex-street. A correspondent is of opinion, that if the magistrates were to take the proper notice of the house almost opposite to the Castle hotel, where these unhappy females with their bullies assemble nightly, no step would be found more conductive to this desirable end.


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