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Freeman's Journal February 7th - 10th 1784

From the Public Register or Freeman's Journal -from Saturday, February the 7th, to Tuesday, February the 10th 1784.

What's on:

Theatre Royal, Smock Alley.
By his majestiey's company of comedians.
[Seventh Night]
This present evening, Feb. 10, will be presented a comic Opera, called
Orpheus and Euridice,
To which will be added a farce, called Barnaby Brittle.

A Grand Oratorio.
For the Benefit of the poor confined Debtors
in the several Marshalseas of this City.
On Thursday evening next, Feb. 12, 1784, will be
performed at the Rotunda, the Sacred Oratorio of
Judas Maccabeus.

Exhibition-Room, William-Street
On saturday Evening, February 14th, 1784, will be a
Concert of Music
Consisting of serveral favourite Overtures, Trios , Duets , &c.
First Violin, with a Solo, and Solo Concerto,
by Master COBHAM
(who is but SEVEN years of age)

Dublin February 9
A gentleman in this city, a native of the kingdom, of great knowledge in mechanics, has devised a method of managing an aerial chariot, so as to guide it in whatever direction he chooses. He proposes, if assisted by public subscription, to ascend himself, in the machine, and has no doubt of bringing it to the fullest perfection and use of which it is capable. As the power of directing this machine is the grand desideratum, and appears to be the only improvement which can render it of any particular utility, we are glad, for the credit of Irish ingenuity, that the honour of this discovery originates with ourselves.

James Vance
no 102 capel Street
Spirits per gallon

Strong Whiskey 4s 4d - 5s
Brandy 4s 6d - 8s
Rum 5s -8s
Geneva 4s 6d - 6s 6d

For the flourishing city of Philadelphia.
The good ship HANKEY, JOhn Cheap, Commander.
Burden 250 tons, a remarkable fine stout ship, uncommonly well calculated for passengers, being upwards of six feet high between decks, and most conveniently fitted for the purpose; such persons as wish to take this favourable oppertunity of going to America, will do well to apply in time; a few younfg healty men and boys will be taken as redemptioners :- freight reasonable to be paid here or in Philadelphia, as may be agreeable. Apply to James Eddy, Esq; at Alderman Darragh's on lower Ormond Quay.


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