Thursday, February 23, 2006

Freeman's Journal February 12th -14th 1784

Domestic Intelligence

Cork, Feb 9
On Saturday last arrived the brig Lively, capt. Wm. Wyer, in eight weeks from Newbury Port, New England.

Kilkenny Feb. 13
The following very singular circumstance accurred in this city, one night last week, during the very intense frost : - A cat having discovered a rat with five or six young ones in the corner of a room, made a set at them : the old rat regardless of her own safety, kept her situation for the protection of her young, and the cat not to be out-done in vigilance, remained sentinel all night, and in the morning they were all found frozen to death, in the most watchful attitudes.

Foreign Intelligence

Hague, Jan 26
Private letters from Berne being advice, that there fell lately, near Nyon, in Switzerland, an aerostatic balloon, in the gallery of which were found four persons dead, according to all appearences from cold. This event happening at the moment of the departure of the post, he could not give us any further particulars.


The Alexander, an American ship, is arrived in the river from New York, by which there are accounts of fresh disturbances having happened at Philadelphia, which the civil power not being able to quell, general Washington had been sent for, and was expected would shortly set out for that place.


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